KabaQ offers distributors a unique tool that radically changes the process of ordering food.

Using Kabaq AR Food Menu for Delivery

Kabaq offers distributors a unique tool that radically changes the process of ordering food. Kabaq creates food displays composed of digital renderings and actual high quality photographs, giving best in business models of food. In using these renders to create AR 3D menus, customers can view your products in greater detail as compared to view photographs alone.  

How augmented reality will change online food ordering?

The main shortcoming of traditional flyer menus or online ordering apps is the lack of sufficient visual information. Customers often have trouble visualizing the food, which impairs ordering ethnic dishes and confuses portion size. By using innovative technologies in online food ordering, Kabaq enables you to extend visual information without limits. Customers can see the food in correct dimensions before they order and can combine different side dishes with main courses simultaneously, keeping them wholly informed about what they are going to eat. Because of all of this, the Kabaq app minimizes customer frustration and buyer remorse. With the next generation of online food ordering, customers can always be satisfied with their orders.

Why people would prefer augmented reality menus in online food ordering?

Augmented Reality represents meals in actual scale and texture, so people are easily informed about the exact appearance of their choices, however the benefits extend much further than that. Using KabaQ, customers can easily discover rare ethnic foods they would not otherwise try, without language and culture barriers. Additionally, these multi-media menus can serve as a nutritional guides and provide other pertinent information to the customer. Even if these capabilities are not used by the consumer, it is still fun to choose your meal from all lifelike 3D models projected on your table!

What can be visualized with augmented reality in food industry?

All three-dimensional objects can be modeled for augmented reality, meaning we can visualize anything! KabaQ can transform your entire menu by removing still photographs and adding augmented reality images. The process is simple: we take multiple photographs of your dishes from multiple angles, stitch the photos and render them into digital 3D models, then put the models into the new AR menu. Customers can then see the size, texture, and presentation of each menu item both in and outside the restaurant, using the Kabaq app. They have the option of turning the AR image to review all angles, as well as zooming into the render to examine the minute details. They can mix and match appetizers, sides, and desserts with their main course all while using their smart device. The process is simple, however the technology behind it is the future of online food ordering


What are the marketing advantages of AR menus?

It’s easy to see that the AR industry is going to have an impact on the market place in the near future, just look at the enormous success of Pokemon Go. With every industry trying to find their footing with this new capability, it is only a matter of time before it is incorporated into emerging food technologies. Representing your products realistically in an online menu directly increases customer satisfaction and engagement. Using augmented reality in online menus creates an alternative content for customers to share, especially via social media and review platforms like Yelp. Most importantly, KabaQ mines the data of your orders and utilize the analytics to recommend the optimal dishes for your customers. In short, augmented reality provides both a functional online order strategy, as well as content for marketing and data for search optimization.

You create the art of food and let us take care of the rest. We are excited to inform people all about your products by using augmented reality technology in online food ordering.


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