Augmented Reality Effects on Instagram

Using Instagram AR for Brands

AR Effects on Instagram

The video discusses organic ways to use Augmented Reality on Instagram. It will include our POVs on the technology, possibilities, as well as the customer journey. Instagram AR features have been on Beta since April and just went live on August 13th.

Opportunity: Instagram is making organic reach harder every day. Utilizing AR features early can help to drive engagement and increase organic reach. Instagram will offer AR features through Stories, which feature 500 million DAUs. We believe Instagram is primed to become the ultimate platform for AR, so here is our recommendation to capitalize on its launch...

1- Profile Engagement

Customer Journey: Instagram users can access to all AR effects created by the brand through the Instagram profile page.

Our POV: This allows for a "marquee" lens to sit on your homepage - think of this as the front door for fans and prospects to experience what brands has to offer in AR.

1 - Unlock through Instagram Stories

Customer Journey: Users will be able to unlock a lens through an Instagram Story.

While on a Story Page, users will see the AR lens, be able to click on it, trigger the lens experience, then create their own story. This interactivity will make usage by AR Influencers even more important. 

Our POV: The ease of share-ability on Instagram's AR product already beats Snap. In Snap you must "share" the lens by selecting contacts, in IG the lens unlock is embedded in your content (stories). 




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