Augmented Reality Food enable users to see virtual 3D food on their
table in-restaurant or ordering online.

For Business

How can I start using kabaq technology in my restaurant?

Process is pretty easy, you can buy our photoshoot set and take 360 pictures of your food or just book our photographer. Please contact us for inquiries.

What if my customer doesn't have and iPhone or Android Phone?

You can provide pre-loaded Ipads to your customers

Can I track campaign analytics?

We are working hard to make it ready as soon as possible. Please subscribe and be the first to hear about.

How can I manage my menu?

You can manage your menu items through, Kabaq admin interface

For Users

How do I use it?

Can be done online when ordering takeout or delivery as well as in store.

Is it free?

Kabaq is free to use

Which phones are supported?

Kabaq is available on Apple IOS

Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions for food vendors and for users

Get In Touch

For more information about Kabaq, send us a message.

Kabaq.io is now qreal.io