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Why aren’t brands using Google’s augmented reality wrapper?
The wrapper lets you showcase any product on a website with a 3D model. The user clicks, and it opens to QuickLook for Apple users and Model Viewer for Android users.
Augmented reality cuisine
The way we experience food media will drastically change in the coming years. The media landscape has transitioned from text to pictures to video and will soon enter the 3D age
QReal: One of the Most Important AR Technology Companies You Might Not Have Heard Of
“I believe every product will have a 3D model. With 2G internet everything was text. With 3G internet we started pushing photos,” said Guler. “With 4G internet we started pushing videos. With 5G, 3D content will be a part of our lives.”
YouTube’s pushing augmented-reality ads
Alper Guler, co-founder of QReal, an augmented-reality-focused subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, recently renamed his company to align with the growth in the AR industry.
Kabaq Rebrands as QReal
Kabaq, the augmented reality subsidiary of the Glimpse Group known for its AR menu technology and realistic AR food models, has changed its name to QReal.
LA Tourism Brings the Sunset to Snapchatters in 8 Cities
Los Angeles Tourism Teamed Up With Kabaq to Bring the Sunset to Snapchatters in 8 Cities
Panera Rolls Out Crowdsourced 'You Mix 2' Menu
Through a partnership with leading AR company, Kabaq, Panera fans can scan designated Snapcodes (below) and see how two menu items come together to create one craveworthy concoction.
The Future Is Here, Almost: Virtual Travel Becomes More of a Reality
A technology start-up, Kabaq, offers restaurants a way to bolster their menus
Kabaq Helps You Settles On A Meal With Ultra-Realistic AR Menus
They optimize the content for augmented reality, then manage and distribute it agnostically to all AR-supported platforms for their clients
(Virtual) food fights are fine
To create the augmented offerings, New York based tech start-up Kabaq used up to 10 cameras to capture each dish.
How An AR Startup Is Changing The Way We See Restaurant Menus
Since 2016, Kabaq has been perfecting a proprietary process for creating hyper-realistic culinary models - one of the most difficult products to capture in 3D - and partnering with restaurants, bakeries and caterers to bring their menu items to life.
Whirlpool's uses augmented reality to help you cook
The whole augmented reality part of the equation comes in when cooking. If you're a novice, for example, the oven will provide instructions right there on the screen on what rack to use or which cooking cycle.
With plenty of bad news, Snapchat has an early lead in wooing AR developers
Kabaq hasn’t stopped building on Snapchat. The company worked with Bareburger to make AR versions of their menu items and created an AR experience about the future of food for The Economist.
Food Spark
How augmented reality could change delivery, eating out and retail
Augmented Reality Is On The Diners
By using Snapchat diners are able to tap into augmented reality
Augmented reality and the future of food: ‘There are many opportunities’
Food tech company Kabaq has developed an augmented reality (AR) platform that is expanding in the restaurant and food service space thanks to its partnerships.
Snap Betting Big on AR Advertising
AR Pizza is the future
Before “I Do,” See Your Wedding Cake in AR
To help combat this anxiety, New York City’s Magnolia Bakery partnered with Kabaq to debut what it says is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) catering menu.
Augmented Reality is coming to a restaurant near you
Burger chain Bareburger, which primarily has restaurants in New York, recently partnered with augmented reality startup Kabaq,
Domino’s Is Bringing Its Pizzas Into AR
The campaign was created in partnership with the agency Kabaq, which visited a Domino’s location to shoot images of a pizza before turning the photos into an AR feature.

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