Catering Menu Presentations

Next generation catering presentation

Catering Menu Presentations

Kabaq is an excellent tool for enhancing your catering or event hall business. During the sales process, through Augmented Reality, the customer can dynamically view the individual menu items or full spreads on a surface of your choosing. Then, in a possible on site visit, you can present the customer with exactly what the food options will look like in the venue.


Imagine a wedding cake not just with a picture in a laminated book, but projected in front of the client to show true height and scale. Then, the future couple can see exactly how it will be visualized in their own wedding venue. 

Or imagine a full spread of salmon crostini. The customer could see how the full spread would appear, then could zoom in through the projection to inspect individual pieces.  

Let's do away with big books with laminated pages!


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